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Attention webmasters, internet marketers, video marketers, bloggers, and anyone else who uses videos online...

"What If You Could Turn Your Plain-Looking Online Videos Into Irresistible People Magnets That Scream, 'Watch Me!' And Practically Force People To WANT To Click On Them?"

Have you ever noticed that all web videos seem to look the same? If your videos look like everyone else's, how are you supposed to stand out, grab the attention of your potential audience, and brand yourself?

Introducing VideoSkins from VideoSkin Advantage!
No more boring videos!

Video skins are like a frame for your online videos. They make your videos stand out and get noticed.
They make people want to watch your videos! And you know what that means:

More people watching your videos = more people buying your product =

Sample 1 Sample 2

Hi, I'm Mike Smith and I'm a graphics guy.

If you are using videos to market your online business and you are not currently using video skins, then you are missing an opportunity to stand out, get noticed, brand your business, and promote your product or service!

Video skins take video marketing to the next level. They give you an unfair advantage over your competition. They will grab the attention of your potential customers and practically force them to want to watch your video!

Use VideoSkins for your YouTube videos, client testimonials, video tutorials, squeeze page videos, opportunity videos, etc...

Red Check Grab your website visitors' attention!
Orange Check Make your online videos stand out and get noticed!
Yellow Check Practically force them to WANT to watch your video!
Red Check Explode your conversion rates!
Orange Check Give yourself a pay raise!
Yellow Check Get more clicks, get more sales, and make more money!
Red Check Video skins are easy to use, yet they pack a big punch!
Orange Check Great for anyone who uses online videos and wants to attract more attention!
Yellow Check They look super cool!
Red Check They attract attention like crazy!
Orange Check Custom designs available!!!!
Yellow Check Match the look/feel/theme of your website or your product/service!
Red Check They help you brand yourself, your website, and your product/service!

See the difference right now in a real-life working example! Which video would YOU click on?

Before VideoSkins:
(Boring looking video. Looks like all the other videos out there.)

The Same Video with a VideoSkin Applied:
(Exciting, great-looking video that grabs your attention and makes you want to watch it!)

Having a video without a VideoSkin is like
having a picture without a frame!

VideoSkins make your videos get noticed and get more clicks! They attract potential customers like bees to honey! But don't just take my word for it...

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Tyler Sorensen "My name is Tyler and I'm considered by most to be
"The Ultimate Marketing Webmaster." I got this nickname because I don't just put what you give me online. I also tie in all of my powerful marketing tools, techniques, strategies, and knowledge to maximize visitor response rates which translates to a bigger bottom line for my clients.

While working with a famous client of mine, I was introduced to Mike Smith who was doing some graphics work for this same client. Mike showed us some of his video skins and I loved them. They seemed to be a great way to increase website visitor response rates for my clients who use videos on their sites, but I had to try them out to know for sure.

I have used Mike's video skins for several of my clients. Mike consistently delivers top quality video skins. They look fantastic, they work perfectly, and he delivers them fast. Mike is easy to work with and he never misses a deadline. Most important of all, his skins do attract more attention and help my clients get their videos watched. And I should know - I'm the "Ultimate Marketing Webmaster" and I test everything!"

Tyler Sorensen
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Testimonial Header

Tyler Sorensen "I do a lot of video marketing.  I've seen video skins online before, but not nearly as good as Video Skin Advantage!

First, I started with some of the free skins to get used to applying them.  These were great and free, however,
I needed something more custom.  It was great to see these and other skins as available options on the site.

Mike at Video Skin Advantage was able to create an awesome custom skin for my new guitar site. The second I saw it, my eyes popped out!  It was awesome, and I'm so happy to have this skin for my video branding and marketing efforts.

Video Skin Advantage is the best online resource for video skins.
I highly recommend them to all website owners and online marketers!"

Best regards,
Eric Slone

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We offer our VideoSkins in 4 broad categories:
FreeSkins, BargainSkins, NicheSkins, & CustomSkins.


Free Button

We are offering a selection of our basic VideoSkins in various colors for FREE with no strings attached. We realize video skins are a rather new idea and you may not be familiar with them. We want you to try them out and get comfortable with using video skins.

These skins are perfect for those who are new to video skins and want to try them out or for those who just want to add some color to their videos.

Just pick your favorite color or the color that best matches your website and download them on us.

Once you use VideoSkins, we're confident you'll come back for more.


Free Blue Preview


Bargain Button

Bargain Tiger Preview

Our BargainSkins area contains our large collection of themed VideoSkins.

BargainSkins are perfect for those of you who want to add a bit of personality and flair to your online videos without spending a lot of time or money to do it.

These skins are fun and exciting!

Our BargainSkins are just $5 each.



Niche Button

(COMING 2011!)

Soon we will be offering PREMIUM video skins covering the most popular marketing niches, including Babies, Dating/Relationships, Gardening, Golf, Health, Holidays, Internet Marketing, Languages, Military, MLM/BizOp, Muscles, Patriotism, Pets, Politics, Quit Smoking, Real Estate, Religious, Self-Help, Stocks/Investing, Travel, Weddings/Bridal, and more! If you would like us to include a niche that we didn't cover, contact us and we'll be happy to add it for you!

Our NicheSkins will vary in price from $7 - $17!


Wedding Sample


Custom Button

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We offer CustomSkins that are completely made to order to match your website, product, or niche you are involved in.

CustomSkins can include your name, product name, company name, website url, logo, motto, colors that match your theme, your picture, and more. Your imagination is the limit!

Our CustomSkins are just $47 each.


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